Who We Are

Based in Northeast Texas and established in 1999, Antorik is a home away from home, for all like-minded Bengalis of the region, united in the common cause of maintaining and promoting the rich heritage of Bengal through social and cultural events throughout the year.

Antorik is the foremost non-profit organization of the Bengali community in the DFW metroplex with growing memberships and is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all of its patrons, young and old, who are bound by the common interest while acting collectively at all times as ideal citizens of the community at large through all cultural and charitable events.

Our Activities
  1. Organizing cultural programs with the adults and the children of the community for our different festivals.
  2. Our Bengali Magazine "Stabak", expresses our aspirations for showcasing fine arts and penmanship.
  3. Helping the people, at home and abroad, in times of need through fund-raising and other charitable activities.
  4. Our Bangla School teaches our children Bengali Language and Culture.