This section may change from time to time. Based on the level/skill in Bengali, we divide the attendees in 2 groups.

ANKUR: The very beginners without any skill on Bengali.

KISHOLOY: Moderate level of skills and knowledge on Bengali.

Based on assessment during enrollment /registration, Bengali School Group will place kids in the group appropriate to his/her level.

Session I (Both Groups): 3:00PM - 3:30PM Self improvement and Character Building.

Session II (Each Group separate): 3:30PM - 4:15PM Bengali reading/writing.

Session III (Both Groups): 4:30PM - 5:00PM Distribution homework, Music/Songs, Chanting Vedic Rhymes, Bhajan, Story telling (appropriate for kids), Quiz, Dance.


Since it was established in 1999, the Bengali School has become a premiere place for our community children and is a trademark of Antorik with a class of its own. It makes every effort to keep the community children attached to their parential roots with appropriate exposure to Bengali culture. The school provides the right platform/stage in our events and encourages each and every kid in the community to get best out of it.

Keeping this mission in mind, students are given age-appropriate instruction in Bengali language and literature in a classroom-like environment. Besides working on their Bengali vocabulary, diction and writing, students learn about various facets of Bengali social life and also about the great minds of Bengal and their contributions to our society and to the world at large. Students receive regular lessons on Bengali music - including genres like Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti etc. - by some of the best voices in DFW and dances based on Bengali cultural themes. In addition, students participate in performances based on Bengali literary works and pick up the nuances of recitation of Bengali poetry. The Bangla school possesses a modest collection of books that students can draw upon for help and enrichment, and is continuously working to enrich this collection.

Apart from all these activities, students enjoy their weekly mingling and snack time at the school which they invariably look forward to. Parents of the students volunteer time and effort in every aspect of operation of the school, including teaching and coordination of activities. The school has an open-door policy and welcomes all members of the community and anyone interested about knowing Bengali culture, with new and interesting ideas for further development of its curriculum, activities and learning environment.

A yearly membership will be requested from parents for making paid reservations of library rooms when needed.

For Information

Every Sunday - 3PM to 5PM

Contact us:
- Biman Maitra (817-703-5131)
- Rini Bhattacharya (682-365-4495)
- Debu Saha (214-477-8590)
- Subhrangsu Mandal (682-559-4876)
- Sudip Basu (925-914-0163)
- Tapas Chakraborty (214-566-5597)
- Paramita Mitra (972-893-9205)

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